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The prices for our framed and matted pictures vary based upon size, the number and size of mats used and the frame selected, if any. We do not require our customers to purchase framed prints; however, those that are framed and in the gallery will only be frames on same. Example prices of our in shop photographs are as follows:

4” x 6” and 5” x 7” pictures in a 14” x 11” mat
Larger mats or multiple pictures in a mat will be slightly higher.
Likewise, double or triple mats will be slightly higher depending
upon our cost of matting
$ 75.00
8” x 10” and 8 1⁄2” x 11” pictures with a standard 14” x 11” mat
As with the pictures noted about, larger mats or multiple pictures in a mat will be slightly higher and double or triple mats will be slightly higher depending upon our cost of matting
$ 100.00
8” x 10” and 8 1⁄2” x 11” pictures with a standard 14” x 11” mat$ 150.00
13” x 19” matted and framed
As with other pictures larger mats than standard and double or triple mats will cost slightly more
$ 200.00
17” x 22”matted not framed$ 200.00
17” x 22” matted and framed$ 250.00
24” x 36” matted not framed
Double and triple mats will cost slightly more
$ 225.00
24” X 36” matted and framed$ 350.00

Great Southern Galleries and Boyd Photography Group also offer a number of other services. For instance, we offer scanning and repair of older pictures. Depending upon the condition of the picture and the size print desired, prices will vary between $50.00 and $150.00. No mats or frames are included in this price.

Likewise, Great Southern and Southern Historical Images note that many of our antebellum or other noteworthy homes have not been properly photographed and
documented in the event of burglary, fire or other natural disaster or catastrophe. Our professionals are available to conduct such an undertaking by photographing all of the rooms in a house as well as the floors, the door frames, the fireplaces and mantles, the furniture, the silverware, china, and other serving pieces, the exteriors of the home and any dependancies. Furthermore, we have consultants on staff who are educated and trained to do schematics of the structures and to prepare an interior review of the structure. This service is done on a per structure basis and we should be contacted either at our gallery, at webmaster@greatsouthernimages.com, or (601) 432-2284 concerning same. Significantly, we note that Greenwood Plantation outside of St. Francisville, Louisiana, was one of the first houses in that area to allow patrons to photograph the interior of the house. In 1960 the house was struck by lightning and completely gutted due to the lack of ability of a fire department capable to control the blaze. The house was sold shortly thereafter and the new owners were able to obtain an number of photographs which had been taken of the house and its interior. Twenty-three years later the house was completely restored and was used in the mini-series North and South. See, www.greenwoodplantation.com. We presently have over 200,000 pictures in stock taken from all over the South.

You may review our photographs and select one of our others if you do not find something you like in our gallery. If someone would like one of pictures or a picture of personal selection taken in color, you should contact us. All pictures are signed and a description of the structure or site will either be added to the mat or included in a card on the rear of the photograph. All pictures sold by Great Southern Galleries and by Southern Historical Images are copyrighted under the laws and treaties of the United States. No picture may be reproduced which has been copyrighted without express written permission.

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