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 Great Southern Images as a subsidiary of Southern Historical Images is a Mississippi partnership and has been established as an adjunct Partnership to Southern Historical for the purpose of displaying photographs and other memorabilia related to the South and its people, both Black and White.  It is located at 736 Northwood Dr., Laurel, Mississippi.  The purpose of the gallery is to display photographs of historic Southern memorabilia including antebellum homes, battlefields (both National, State and those which have not been declared by either and those which have been acquired by the National Civil War Trust such as in Corinth, Mississippi, Champions Hill, Mississippi and Brice’s Crossroads, Mississippi) buildings, cemeteries, old or abandoned towns, villages and municipalities and people doing things which management view as Southern in nature.  This would include baptisms, churches, church services, civil war re-enactments, and cemetery dedications.  We have also elected to include pictures of animals indigenous to the South such as alligators, birds, flowers, trees, storms such as Hurricane Katrina and Camille.  While the gallery is primarily established for the display of the thousands of pictures taken by Southern Historical or Great Southern over the past twenty to thirty years, we have acquired some of older vintage from around the South.

Of significant interest, we have taken pictures which are on display of houses, buildings and other structures which were burned, damaged or destroyed during the War Between the States (or the “late Unpleasantness” as my grandmother called it) or shortly thereafter, such as Bowling Green Plantation outside of Woodville, Mississippi which was burned in late 1863 or 1864 by a group of Kansas Jayhawkers stationed in Natchez, the Crocheron Columns in Old Cahaba, Alabama and, of course, Windsor ruins, the largest house built in the State of Mississippi, which burned on February 17, 1890, as the result of a guest leaving a lit cigar unattended.

We invite photographers who have taken pictures of the nature noted above, to participate with us in displaying their art.  In this regard, management retains the right to make all decisions relative to the items that will be displayed in our gallery.  All submissions will be based upon their relationship with the South and things Southern.  All submissions will remain confidential and we will provide you with a confidentiality agreement that protects your picture from reproduction and display without your permission.  We would presume that are agreeing to have your picture displayed in our gallery.  There may be a small display fee and if the picture is sold, a reasonable commission will be charged.  Consequently, we recommend that you provide us with a DVD with a copy of your proposed picture or pictures with at least 240 pixels developed in Adobe Photoshop® or exported under Adobe Lightroom®.  If you would like to submit the actual picture, such is permissible.  Any such submission will at a minimum need to be matted.  We will also accept submissions by email or other electronic submission.   Any such submission will need to be forwarded to mailto:webmaster@greatsoutherngalleries.com.  Otherwise, DVD’s or CD’s will need to be mailed to Great Southern Galleries, 736 Northwood Dr., Laurel, Mississippi 39440.

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