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Specializing in the photographing of historical homes, churches, cemeteries, buildings, and Civil War battlefields, as well as photographing the ruins of homes and buildings constructed prior to 1865.  We also provide photographic services for weddings, christenings, graduation, senior pictures and parties.


Aduston Hall, Gainesville, Alabama circa 1844-46, is a historic antebellum plantation house in the riverside town of Gainesville, Alabama.


Rowan Oak, also known as William Faulkner House, is William Faulkner’s former home in Oxford, Mississippi. It is a primitive Greek Revival house built in the 1840s by Robert Sheegog.


Elisha White House, Old Lynnville, Tenn. circa 1811

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About us

As our name implies, our award winning historical photographs and other photographic documentation services are for the most part limited to homes and other structures built in the South or associated with the South.   This, of course, does not limit our portrait, wedding, christening and senior portraits.  But, our historical pictures are limited to Structures built in the South or associated with the South.  These are primarily located in the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

However, homes and structures in Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and the area around Gettysburg National Military Park may be included.  Also included are structures in the area around St. Genevieve, Missouri, which were constructed by French settlers and are quite reminiscent of places in Louisiana.

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Our award winning photographs are available in color, black and white, duotone, tritone, or quadrotone and we presently have over 200,000 photographs of famous and not-so-famous Southern house, buildings, ruins, battlefields, cemeteries, grave markers and churches.  For you convenience a price list is included on this web site.  To place an order, you should simply contact us by
email at: webmaster@greatsouthernimages.com.

We sell all pictures matted.  All mats will be signed and a written description of the photograph will be enclosed.  We will frame your photo at an additional cost and you can select from a wide assortment of styles and colors. For more information and complete details,
please Contact us at: mailto:  8thmscav@greatsouthernimages.com

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